Youths are always confining to the internet, and they give much time on a mobile device. Technology makes better use of mobile device, and many of us spend more time on many other activities. Kids along with some young people are very passionate about online mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is a very cool way of enjoyment and fun. You do not require special time for it, and you quickly start a game anytime by just holding your mobile device. Millions of mobile games are present in the mobile industries, but Garena free fire is the most trending mobile game. It is an online multiplayer battle game, and you have to survive as long as possible. If you are interested in battle games, then you can download Garena free fire. It is free of cost and readily available on the android store.

Different Part of the game:

Islands for battles

There are many islands with different remote areas, and you can explore islands for surviving in the game. Broad area increases your safety from enemies and other users. In the islands many of new forest and in which you can easily hide. The whole area is shooting land, so you have to select your safe location.

50 player and 10 minute

The main concept of the game is a battle action game. In which 50 players try to survive for one 10 minute round and end the time one player win in the round. They are trying to shoot each other and maintain the monopoly on the island.

Get guns and money from eliminated player

In the battle of the game, you can get some of new guns and weapons from an eliminated player. You also get money and currency with strange buildings and homes. After you kill any player, you will acquire some weapons and money. If you can get a lot of currency, you will get to know cheats and go for garena free fire cheats.



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