Modern combat 5 is modern assault game in which the location you choose to play on is under a terrorist attack. This latest version of the game is similar to the previous entries. The player can choose various game play options. You can use grenades, guns and various other weapons to attack the enemy. The new updated version comes with new entries in the guns section.

The bugs from the previous versions are not inherited and the graphics of the game are smoother than ever before. If you are not an expert in the game then there is nothing to worry.  There is no game made ever that cannot be hacked. Every single game can be hacked using cheats and hacking software. The same is the thing with the modern combat 5. You can easily learn about how to hack modern combat 5.

Tips and tricks

There are various tricks that you can use to easily conquer the expert title for the game. Some of them are:

Ø  Linking with Facebook

You can link the game with Facebook and can get 300 credits as soon as it is connected. You can also get credits by referring the game to your friends.

Ø  Daily login

As long as you login to the game on a regular basis, you can earn credits. You get 15 credits for each login and therefore can accumulate 450 credits for a month.

Ø  Join a squad

Joining a squad is also beneficial to you in the modern combat 5. When you reach level 10 in the multiplayer mode, you will start earning 22 extra credits daily.

Now when you know that how to hack modern combat 5, you can easily get to heights of winning with these fair game hacks.