Finding the Best chainsaw sharpener


Cutting tools are very important for any kind of task whether it is the general maintenance of the house or professional architecture work. There is no doubt that chainsaw is on the top when it comes to some good cutting tools. In order to keep it accurate and working, you must also maintain the sharpness of the chainsaw. This can be done in two ways. The first and traditional method of doing this is using the hand tools. With the advancement of technology, new tools are available in the market. We are talking about electric chainsaw sharpeners.


There is almost flood of electric chainsaw sharpeners in the market but finding the best chainsaw sharpener is a very challenging work. Chainsaw also come in different shape and size. In order to keep them working, you must sharpen the chain time to time. The problem is that size of chain varies on a large scale. Thus every type of tool might not be suitable for all kinds of the chainsaw. You need to measure many things before you make the decision of purchasing the chainsaw sharpener. It can be very helpful to know about the factors which can make your decision correct.

Need to use the tool

You must first find out the type of chains can be handled by a chainsaw sharpener. It is better to know that whether your chain can be processed on it efficiently or not. The second thing which is most important is to know about the round per minute. High round per minute enhance the quality of the sharpening operation. You must also check the design of this particular tool. The design of the model must support the user while working on it. You should also make sure that all the safety measures are present in it and there is no hazard to use it.


Timberline chainsaw details

There are some very famous brands which you can take Timberline chainsaw sharpener with 3/16” into your consideration. You must check it for your suitability. It is also coming with carbide cutter which is suitable for the subtle tasks to do. You can finish the sharpening work it in no time. It is also suitable to do the sharpening work of small length tooth. The machine is also built with durable high-quality material and thus it has a long life. The overall weight of the machine is very low and you can take it wherever you want.  Even most of the professionals prefer to use this.

Popular chainsaw sharpener tool

The next popular sharpener tool in the list of the best chainsaw sharpener is Oregon 520-120 Bench saw chain grinder.  It is a fantastic Buffalo tools and getting popular because of its multi-utility. You can easily do the full profile pitch chain work on this machine. There are some additional things which you might be getting with it. This can be dressing brick, quick check grinding template. You will also be getting three grinding wheels for the low profile sharpening work. The additional settings like a top plate and down angle are also very nice. The best part is that self-centering is also an advanced feature of this machine. You can work in the dark environment as well without making any mistake because it is coming with additional built-in light.

Additional guide

There are many other features that you should check before making a decision to buy a chainsaw sharpener. You should also check the warranty of the tool and quality of the motor. Make sure that it is coming with the nearly 3400 rpm to give you the desired speed and smooth working experience during your work. Check whether it is compatible with the size of chain that you have in your chainsaw.