Futureplay recently launched their best action for the mobile users named Battlelands Royale. In the game, you have to fight with 31 more enemies and survive until the last moment. It is not easy to play the game with real online players, so you should take help from the guide to know more about it. You can meet a lot of different character who makes the game more interesting.

In the game, you have to kill other players to become the last man alive after the battle. For the entire shooting lover, it is an idle game, and there are many best weapons are available to play it and by trying Battlelands Royale Hack.

Gameplay guide   

When the game starts, you have to choose the best spot for perfect landing.  After the landing process, you have to loot the best ammo, shield, and guns.  The game also gives you the option to use the mini-map, which is placed at the top-right corner. You can also use the map to know the area of the safe zone. Always try to keep yourself under the circle of the safe zone while shrinking.

Make your shooting skills better

After starting the game, you should try to work on your skills because it is easy to learn in the starting battles.  Always try to move silently to attack your opponent and avoid to lose the energy carelessly. You have to win more and more battles if you want to upgrade all the weapons quickly.

Quick tips for Battlelands Royale    

  • Grab the weapons in the loot
  • Always try to move at the edge of the safe zone
  • Select the best area for landing
  • Take help from the grass to hide you
  • Try to play the dual match to survive for a long time



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