Things That Nobody Told You About Episode: Choose Your Story

Things That Nobody Told You About Episode: Choose Your Story

Episode: Choose Your Story is a kind of mobile tale-telling network and platform where you can publish your tales. Well, there are many people those are engaged in the game because of its valuable outcomes. Basically, the valuable features those you will get in the game are really unbelievable. Users have full control over their stories which have published in the Episode Choose Your Story Cheats. However, remember one that they must have age more than 13 years.  There are two important currencies such as gems and passes. Every player needs to work hard in order to collect them.

Episode writer portal

Many users are stuck in confusion that what is episode writer portal? Well, it is the place where users can fabricate their own tales. They not only get chance to create the episodes of stories but it also allows the users to publish their stories where other people can see it. In addition to this, this amazing episode write portal will prove you many avatars, outfits, and many unique controls. Therefore, by using the all these you can easily make an amazing and innovative story in the game.

Things that you can’t involve into your story

There are various kinds of offensive content which may put a negative effect on the other players of the game. This is the main reason, authorizes of the game have the rule to provide the opportunity for publications to only those people who are more than 13 years old. Therefore, you should try the best and effective content into your story. Here are some valuable points those will help you to understand that which things we should not involve into the story.

•         Don’t try to promote alcohol and other drugs.

•         You should not mention anything about blasphemy or sexually unambiguous.

•         Don’t try to put any website link, reviews in order to promote any brand while making the story.

•         Do not mention about firearms, explosive bombs, ammo and other political issues.

•         Self-harm, mistreatment, harassment and so on can be proving harmful for your story.

Therefore, we have covered all important facts points those will help us to understand creations of the story before publication. Once you understand it then you automatically able to make the perfect episode of the tales for your fans. Nonetheless, you need to keep attention on the tales and try to daily update it.

All You Need To Know About Homescapes

All You Need To Know About Homescapes

Playrix’s new mobile title Homescapes is a game of three tile puzzle where players need to match the same type of pieces and also to renovate a home. The game also includes lots of room decoration game elements which will definitely fall you in love with it. In this game, players have to solve puzzles, complete various objectives, and earn coins, stars and lots of other currencies. There are many other things to do for players in the game. In order to complete stages, players need to make focus and concentration on the gameplay. 


Power-ups are also one of the well known game elements available in the game that have its own significance. Well, players can make power-ups by making lots of combinations. To make the power ups, you have to match four to five pieces together. With the help of this, you can make combinations that can provide you various kinds of power-ups. By matching the four pieces, you can get the rocket and there are many other types of power-ups that you can get by making various types of combinations. With the help of these power-ups, you can achieve the specific goals on every stage effortlessly.

Earn stars

There are various kinds of quests available in the home to complete. Players need to complete these quests in order to earn stars. By completing every level, you can earn stars that can be used for completing various types of achievements.  By completing more and more tasks, you can unlock the different rooms in the house. Without earning stars, you can’t decorate your room or unlock the new levels.

Moreover, players need to consider some important tips and tricks in order to make progress faster and also in an effortless manner with Homescapes Hack. With the help of this, they can also make the game easy and simple to play.

Rule of Survival and tricks to win

Rule of Survival and tricks to win

Have you ever tried any survival game? Well, we would like to recommend Rule of Survival for you. This game is unique and offers great action. You can enjoy the world-class characters and latest weapons in it, you can watch in twitch tv about it.

There are many other games also launched on the daily basis. But hardly, you will find games like this. Every single aspect of the gaming is designed a very stylish manner. You will fall in love with it and can easily kill boredom part of your life. The best part is that you can also learn many new and practical things by playing this game.


You must also know the fact that some mobile games are not competent and you will hardly enjoy the graphics of such games. But here in the Rule of Survival, there are mind-blowing graphics which will make everything almost vivid for you.

Know the basic first

Before you go in depth of the game, make sure that you are familiar with the entire gaming scheme and control buttons. By this, you will be able to tackle every situation perfectly without any problem. You can also start playing the game casually just to know more about the control scheme. After this, you should go for the full-fledged game.

Role of smart moves

Now you must be thinking about the smart moves of the game which you can make and win. Well, this is going to take some time and you must be patient while learning about this.

However, there are some smart tips and tricks that you can follow and win easily in the gaming world of Rule of Survival. We are not going to discuss some hard to do things. You can simply follow these tips and tricks in order to enhance the fun of playing the game. After all, there is no fun of playing a game where you cannot be at the peak and taste the victory.

Tips and tricks

Don’t stay in one place

–         You must know the fact moving all the time is very important when you are surrounded by the enemies. The same thing is also applicable to the Rule of Survival game.

–         Here you should avoid coming into the open areas. You cannot stay at a place for a long period of time. This is so because your enemies can trace your location and kill you. It is better to keep finding the new place all the time and move ahead.


Getting the supplies

–         Without supplies, nobody can survive in this crucial world. The same thing is also applicable to the Rule of Survival. You are expected to keep finding the new things all the time and keep them collecting. By doing this, you will be able to stay in a better position than your enemy.

–         Nothing is available in a very easy way. You will have to put some efforts into this task as well. But after making a couple of discoveries, you will have a good idea about the next things. They are available nearby you and you can avail them without going for the deep search.

What to collect first?

1-    Weapons are the most important things in the virtual world of Rule of Survival. You must try your level best to find the new types of guns. By doing this you will be able to update the weapons. Shooting tasks are tricky when you are making moves on the mobile screen. But when you will be having advance weapons this is going to be very easy for you.

2-    You should also collect the armor. It is very important because it will be working as your shield. This will also protect you from the sudden attack of your enemy.

Avoid garbage or non-valuable things

1-    In the way of your surviving journey in Rule of Survival, you will also find many things which are not worthy. You should know about these things well. By this, you can save your precious time and efforts.

2-    You must also ensure that you have sufficient supplies in the case for confronting with an enemy. You should set the preference here and collect the things which are extremely valuable to you.

By paying more attention towards these tips you can turn the ball in your favor. Rule of Survival is a fantastic game and by using Rules Of Survival Cheats can get the desired success.

Why People Prefer To Buy Recumbent Bike?

Why People Prefer To Buy Recumbent Bike?

You may have used different gym workout equipment in your life but the benefits which people get from the recumbent bike are really unbelievable. Basically, there are many people those use the recumbent bike in order to reduce their body fat. When you start using the recumbent bike then it will help you to reduce the low-back issues. Instead of this, individuals get more fit along with this unique item. You can choose the best recumbent bike model online and take its advantages. You can place it at home or anywhere you want. You can easily use the bike for your fitness, learn more about this.

In addition to this, you can choose your suitable bike for the workout. Many people those are facing the low-back problems due to the work. Therefore, they can easily choose the option of the recumbent bike and able to take its advantage. Once people start using the recumbent bike then their low-back problems will be automatically reduced. Even it will also put a positive effect on the fat. It burns calories and reduces the heavy amount of weight in a couple of weeks. If you want its quick outcomes then you should start practicing daily. It is very easy to use the recumbent bike so people easily start their work.

Things to consider while buying the recumbent bike

No doubt, there are lots of recumbent bike models exist in the world those you can easily buy. However, people always get confused that which one is the best? Well, here are some valuable points those will help you choose the best recumbent bike.

•         You should check the intensity settings especially if you are a beginner

•         It must come with the Warranty that will help you to replace the damaged bike

•         A seat of the bike should be comfortable that should not irritate you

•         Cost of the bike should come in the budget.

•         Quality of the bike must be good and it is only possible with the material checking

Well, we have covered all the important points those will give you proper support in the process of buying the best recumbent bike online. Simply visit the market and choose your desired model even you can also search online. Reviews will help you in this process because these reviews are shared by those people who already using the recumbent bike.

Qualities of the recumbent bike

When we get superb equipment for reducing the extra weight then we automatically spend money on it. As like as, the recumbent bike comes along with exclusive benefits. Here are some jaw-dropping advantages those you definitely like the recumbent bike.

•         If you are riding this unique bike then it will prove you proper comfort during exercise.

•         It will prove a great support to your lower back and your knees & ankles will keep staying protected from injurious impact.

•         A bike is very safe in use because individual don’t need to stand up on the pedals

•         Its seat is very larger rather than other equipment such as upright bike

•         Even you will also get some amazing features such as a mini LCD that will provide you some information.

•         Some unique modes also tell the heart rate.

•         It is cost effective and also save our money.

•         You don’t need to go in a gym you have a recumbent bike at home.

•         It doesn’t require any personal trainer because you can use it alone.

Basically, all entire advantage those we have covered all really impressive and you cannot get all these things in any other gym equipment. Therefore don’t waste your time and spend money on it because it is one-time investment that proves great outcomes.

Types Of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Types Of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

In the shop, you can see different types of bikes. If we talk about the categories then there are lots of options available. In case of best full suspension mountain bike under 1000, the users are required to choose the best one among three main types. These types are trail, fat and cross country bikes. Following points are including some explanation related to it.

Trail bikes

These are bikes are highly used in case of mountain bikes. Most of the individuals are considering its way. The design of these types of mountain bikes is highly versatile. There are numerous other types of features available in it such as –

·         Low weight

·         Better comfort

 Due to these two factors, the bikers are able to achieve a good speed easily on the trails. It is also the biggest reason by which most of the professionals are choosing its way. With it, the buyers can get these bikes with the effective suspension system.

Cross-country bikes

These types of bikes are also considered as the XC mountain bikes. Mainly these types of bikes are chosen by the individuals for cross country riding or races. The frame design of such a bike is so simple and it does not look aggressive. Due to it, the users can get better performance by using it. All these things, make the bike suitable for the flat and climbs terrains.

If we talk about the recent trends then the carbon fiber is highly used in producing these bikes. With it, the bike can be equipped with the full suspension system.


The buyers need to inspect the type of bike and requirement both things properly. After the comparison, the buyers are required to make the final decision. With all these things, the buyers need to consider their comfort level.

Keys Facts About Episode choose your story

Keys Facts About Episode choose your story

Episode choose your story is one of the exciting game, which is free to play. Users can attain the game from their on-device app store. To be exact, the game is available for both iOS and Android platform. So, if you haven’t commenced playing the game yet, then download, follow us it and get entertained in the spare time. Normally, the game is all about reading, creating and making the decision of the main avatar to walk on the uncharted path of their life.  The functions of the game are straightforward and you can easily play the game with ease.

 The game offers tons of the interesting and innovative features, which will surely make you spend lot of time on the gaming world.  These elements are available in form of currencies, a variety of stories and other stuff. Mainly, in order to survive in the game, users need to earn the in-game resources. The currencies are presented in the form of gems and passes, in which gems are the premium currency and other one is primary one.  However, there are some player who find it hard and got stranded on the same level for a long time. So, to overcome these conditions, gamers need enormous amount of resources which can get with Episode Hack.

Final Words

Furthermore, you can conveniently earn the gems and passes in huge amount. All you need to do is spend the real money and overcome the complications with ease.  There is no need to be worried any more.  Just read the above mentioned information and understand about the gameplay.  Use the real money wisely; otherwise, you will end up wasting them on the reckless stuff.  On the whole, Give your best shot and reach the peak point of the game.  This is one of the best games, so download it now and have fun in free time.

Finding the Best chainsaw sharpener

Finding the Best chainsaw sharpener


Cutting tools are very important for any kind of task whether it is the general maintenance of the house or professional architecture work. There is no doubt that chainsaw is on the top when it comes to some good cutting tools. In order to keep it accurate and working, you must also maintain the sharpness of the chainsaw. This can be done in two ways. The first and traditional method of doing this is using the hand tools. With the advancement of technology, new tools are available in the market. We are talking about electric chainsaw sharpeners.


There is almost flood of electric chainsaw sharpeners in the market but finding the best chainsaw sharpener is a very challenging work. Chainsaw also come in different shape and size. In order to keep them working, you must sharpen the chain time to time. The problem is that size of chain varies on a large scale. Thus every type of tool might not be suitable for all kinds of the chainsaw. You need to measure many things before you make the decision of purchasing the chainsaw sharpener. It can be very helpful to know about the factors which can make your decision correct.

Need to use the tool

You must first find out the type of chains can be handled by a chainsaw sharpener. It is better to know that whether your chain can be processed on it efficiently or not. The second thing which is most important is to know about the round per minute. High round per minute enhance the quality of the sharpening operation. You must also check the design of this particular tool. The design of the model must support the user while working on it. You should also make sure that all the safety measures are present in it and there is no hazard to use it.


Timberline chainsaw details

There are some very famous brands which you can take Timberline chainsaw sharpener with 3/16” into your consideration. You must check it for your suitability. It is also coming with carbide cutter which is suitable for the subtle tasks to do. You can finish the sharpening work it in no time. It is also suitable to do the sharpening work of small length tooth. The machine is also built with durable high-quality material and thus it has a long life. The overall weight of the machine is very low and you can take it wherever you want.  Even most of the professionals prefer to use this.

Popular chainsaw sharpener tool

The next popular sharpener tool in the list of the best chainsaw sharpener is Oregon 520-120 Bench saw chain grinder.  It is a fantastic Buffalo tools and getting popular because of its multi-utility. You can easily do the full profile pitch chain work on this machine. There are some additional things which you might be getting with it. This can be dressing brick, quick check grinding template. You will also be getting three grinding wheels for the low profile sharpening work. The additional settings like a top plate and down angle are also very nice. The best part is that self-centering is also an advanced feature of this machine. You can work in the dark environment as well without making any mistake because it is coming with additional built-in light.

Additional guide

There are many other features that you should check before making a decision to buy a chainsaw sharpener. You should also check the warranty of the tool and quality of the motor. Make sure that it is coming with the nearly 3400 rpm to give you the desired speed and smooth working experience during your work. Check whether it is compatible with the size of chain that you have in your chainsaw.








Tourist Destination Europe

Europe is where some of the world’s greatest cultures and civilizations originated. It is a diverse and interesting place. It might be the second smallest continent, but Europe is home to the largest country in the world. Russia is so big, in fact, that it takes up forty percent of Europe’s land area. Europe was the main location of several historical periods that made a huge impact on the world like the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.

Top and best places to visit in Europe

Rome, Italy

 With the Catholic Church at its side, European civilization revolved around Rome for thousands of years. The iconic city has served as the backdrop for everything. Italy’s hot-blooded capital is one of the world’s most romantic and inspiring cities. Eating out is one of Rome’s great pleasures and the combination of romantic alfresco settings and the superlative food is a guarantee of good times.


Paris, France

 It’s the city of love, the height of European romance. The picturesque cityscape evokes images of streetlight glances and romantic strolls along the River Seine. Whether you come to Paris for the wine, the art or the high fashion, you’re sure to fall in love with what is universally recognized as one of the most famous cities in Europe. A host of culinary courses – from home kitchens through to the world’s most prestigious cookery schools – offers instruction for all schedules, abilities, and budgets.


London, United Kingdom

 London is the New York City of Europe. It’s the historic capital of the British Empire, and half the inspiration for “A Tale of Two Cities,” London can’t really be compared. Make sure you have time to dive into this physically and culturally humongous city. London has something for everyone: from history and culture to find food and good times.


 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, has long served as the bridge between Europe and the east, where cultures collide and evolve into an exciting new world. The fact that the city straddles two continents wasn’t its only drawcard – it was the final stage on the legendary Silk Road linking Asia with Europe, and many merchants who came here liked it so much that they, too, decided to stay.