Loony Tunes World of Mayhem is a fantastic game developed by RPG whose size varies at different devices. The game is quite interesting to play and to obtain the victory it is very crucial that you should know about the characters involved in the particular game. If you want to know the skills which were used to gather the pieces of character you can check at Loony Tunes World of Mayhem Cheats for free. The characters are divided into three parts.

These are:




Defenders- the character of the type does not only have good HP but also have defense stars. The enemies which are there to attack the member of another field will block them by showing the taunt skills. The enemy will attack you and nobody else when the enemies use the taunt skills. One can easily protect the toons characters from the attacks which are given by enemies with the help of taunt skills. The power of the characters attack is low, and in this way, the defenders play their role in the following game.

Attackers- the characters which perform their task have brilliant damage stats. What do you mean by that? Simply, it means that the type of characters which are involved in it had to attack the enemies. Here the characters had not to protect the toons from the enemy attacks or do the task for them. Also, the characters have to not support the allies or team members during the play way.

Supporters- In all the battles, whether the battles are related to toons or characters, supporters are very helpful. The reason for that is they help the other players and team members whenever they want to restore their health. They also help the players is they want to activate the buffs or positive effects for the game. But the only drawback which the supporter has is that they are not having good power, defense stats, and HP. With the aid of support skills, they can easily restore the life of not only characters but also of allies.



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